Kevin Sinnott, host of the how-to video “Coffee Brewing Secrets”, author of The Art and Craft of Coffee and curator of www.coffeecompanion.com website is America’s foremost consumer coffee authority.

His groundsbreaking newsletter THE COFFEE COMPANION was the first-ever consumer publication about finding and brewing the world’s best coffee. The COFFEE COMPANION, which achieved a readership of more than 10,000 coffee lovers, offered Sinnott’s unbiased evaluations of what he calls “hardware” – all the equipment necessary to brew great tasting coffee, from water filters to coffee bean grinders to brewers.

Since then, he’s made more than 100 media appearances, in USA TODAY and The Chicago Tribune, OPRAH WINFREY, 20/20, and The FOOD NETWORK and has done countless talk radio shows.

Kevin Sinnott lives with his wife and three sons in Warrenville, Illinois.


2 Responses to About

  1. Carl Zielke says:

    Thanks for coming to Bartlett tonight to share your love of coffee. This is the new filter I mentioned, thought you might like to check it out. http://ablebrewing.com/products/kone-coffee-filter

    • coffeekevin says:

      Thank you for your kind comment Carl. I have this filter, in fact I am just wrapping up a 90 day test of it. It is a very interesting way to use the Chemex. My review will be published at http://www.coffeecompanion.com

      I rarely use this blog. Most of my reviews are there.

      Thank you for braving the elements to come to my presentation.

      Warm regards,

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